About Us

All Natural Ingredients

We use a majority of our products from our own garden, and those things we don’t grow we obtain from local SE MN farmers.  Our ingredients are grown organically even though we are not certified organic.  We appreciate sustainable farm practices and strive to incorporate it into our product and production.  We use all natural ingredients and do not use artificial flavoring or preservatives.  Every batch is produced on a small scale, and is hand-crafted and home-made.  We feel that this attention to detail is the reason our preserves taste the way they do, and the key to what sets us apart from the mass produced product you’ll find at the supermarket.  Quality is what we do.

Who We Are

We began in 2009 as an Heirloom Produce Garden selling at the Local Farmer’s Markets in SE MN, and have gone through several evolutions to be where we are today.  In that time we have learned that flavor is everything, freshness matters, and local (especially from our own garden) is the only way to go. Our Mission is to provide distinctive and quality hand-crafted preserves, using garden fresh and local ingredients.  We wanted to stand out at the Farmer’s Market with a product that wasn’t like every other jam and jelly available.  By blending complimentary ingredients and unexpected preparation techniques, we have created creative and exciting flavors to enjoy; from fruity to savory and subtle to spicy.