Not Just for Toast

Sure jams and jellies have been used on toast and in sandwiches forever, but how about adding flavor to your meals in a different way? Flavour in a Jar offers unique specialty jams and jellies that can be used to spice up meats and vegetables with new flavors.

Here you will find recipes that use our jams and jellies to make everything from lamb to eggplant taste delicious. Our gourmet jellies and jams are sure to make your next lunch or dinner into an exceptional journey in taste exploration.

Crispy Eggplant with Minty Yogurt

Crispy Eggplant with Minty Yogurt

Here’s a clever way to use a jar of mint jelly you've had sitting in your fridge since Easter: stir it into a tangy yogurt sauce and serve it with crispy eggplant rounds. The mint jelly adds a fresh herbal twist, plus welcome sweetness to balance out the crunchy...

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